About Our Partnership

The teams at STP4 Human Capital Solutions, Champs Analytics and Champs Software have over 40 years of combined experience deploying business consultancy and enterprise software solutions to our clients all over the world.

STP4 Human Capital Solutions was founded by an innovative, global human resources leader, company president Shital Patel. She has a record of superior performance and significant success in driving business strategy and change for start-ups, industry leader Royal Dutch Shell, Starbucks, Nortel Networks, 3M and other Global Fortune 500 organizations.

STP4 has helped clients at both large and small organizations implement highly successful HR initiatives: M&A due diligence, union prevention, organizational health assessments, field team rationalization, succession planning, HR talent competency development, organizational design, call center optimization, policy development and Front Line Leader Training development. 

Clients include key business and labor leaders, complex project teams, HR service centers, scheduling departments and field operation teams across multiple industries.

One of our main goals is to help clients understand and use data analysis to inform their decision making.  This can help transform the way the HR function is viewed: identifying and delivering business value that impacts the bottom line. We work collaboratively with our partners to leverage their insight, rigor and expertise to develop strategic recommendations and solutions for the clients served.

Our Partners: CHAMPS Software and CHAMPS Analytics

The team at CHAMPS Software is focused on developing and implementing software solutions that enable enterprises to optimize the life cycles of their capital assets that include work force, equipment, facilities, vehicles, tools, spare parts and linear assets. CHAMPS solutions are implemented by integrating web architected software components. Each component incorporates business domain expertise amassed over many years of experience in plant operations, maintenance, turnarounds and outages. CHAMPS solutions have been successfully deployed at some of the most unique project sites in the world.

CHAMPS Analytics serves customers across various industries throughout the United States and within international countries. Their goal is to maximize business intelligence opportunities for customers through the proper application of analytics solutions that allow them to gain insights that lead to intelligent and business impacting decision making.

STP4 Human Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHAMPS, Inc. in Crystal River, Florida.