STP4 Human Capital Solutions helps startups to the worlds largest organizations unleash employee potential, optimize cost and drive business growth.


Transforming the Partnership Between HR & the Business

Unearthing how data impacts the bottom line

STP4 Human Capital specializes in showing HR leaders how to turn their data into actionable decisions that impact the bottom line. It equips them with the ability to sell large scale, HR driven transformations to the business via crisp, data driven narratives.

It equips them with the ability to justify large scale, HR driven transformations through crisp, data driven narratives that will unlock business value.

Our clients realize that data is the new currency and there are millions of dollars of ideas that can be unleashed through the power of analytics, AI and deep HR domain expertise.

Human Resources Solutions

AI & Interactive Training

People Analytics

Policy Development

One of our main goals is to help clients understand and use data analytics to inform their decision making.  We ask our HR clients: “In a perfect world, with an unlimited budget, what data would you want to see appear after a few clicks? Why? Name all of the ways you believe that specific set of data would deliver value to you. What if you could have more?” We can provide answers to those questions and more. 

STP4 Human Capital believes that leveraging data and the appropriate digital tools can help transform the way the HR function is viewed: identifying and delivering business value that impacts the bottom line.

Our partners understand that businesses have massive amounts of data and many different tools to analyze it with little support from IT and virtually no training. How do you solve this problem? By leveraging new technology solutions that:

  • Are easy to use and deploy
  • Empower the end user to self-service their data analytics need
  • Allow IT to deploy governed data for everyone to consume
  • Allow users to share and collaborate their analysis with others
  • Require little or no training
  • Are deployed on mobile platforms


We work collaboratively with our partners to leverage their insight, rigor and expertise to develop strategic recommendations and solutions for the clients served.